Everyone has their own harbingers for seasonal change. For some fall hasn’t arrived until they have had their pumpkin-spiced whatever, and for others, summer is not really here until they eat their first plate of barbecue and potato salad. Some think spring has finally sprung when they see the first daffodils sprouting in the park.

For me, spring is officially here when I get that first ice cream cone on a warm sunny day and eat it while walking through the fresh green grass. And luckily for me, a local eatery with DQ in its name, is going to make that goal easier on March 19. That eatery is offering free small cones while supplies last on that day.

Free ice cream cones! What could be better?! Well, OK, they could throw in free fries but let’s not get greedy. Recent ads for this particular place even said that they have a cotton candy dipped cone this spring. I am not just jumping up and down to try that, but I know a 12-year-old girl who probably is if she has heard about it.

For as long as that particular 12-year-old has been on this earth, we have made a point of starting our spring off with a dipped cone at DQ. We have celebrated the start of summer with a snow cone from a particular place out on Lamar Street in Sherman. Fall’s celebration has been picking out a pumpkin, and winter really starts for us with the kick off for Holiday Lights in Denison. Those little traditions may seem like bits of fluff and nothing to some, but they are all the best bits of life when one is looking back. They are the moments that make all of the workdays or school days worth it. I am not talking just about the food involved here. It is the time spent together and the idea that one will get to do that over and over again that makes it so special. It becomes even more special when it is no longer possible to spend that time together.

So make your way to a local ice cream shop on the first day of spring and have a cone and a smile. Winter, while it wasn’t very harsh, was kinda long. It is time for all of the rebirth and renewal that Spring brings — and all of the smiles and ice cream cones too.