When I was a kid I had to attend a physical therapist due to an issue with my hands. One of the things the therapist recommended to my parents was to set aside time for me to play Nintendo games as that helped with the issue I was having.

I was ecstatic to have a licensed professional telling my parents I needed to play more video games. It was most helpful in improving the areas my teachers wanted to improve so my parents never complained.

I have always loved playing video games.

When I was a kid my first system was a retro Atari system. I played that thing to death. Despite the instructions to play games as a way to help with physical therapy, the motion issues ultimately made playing games difficult. As such, I was never good enough at most games to be competitive with other players nor was I ever able to complete most games. This never stopped my from enjoying the games I did play.

I want to admit that with modern technology introducing a new way to enjoy old games, I finally have been able to complete a number of games I was never able to as a kid. New systems that let you play certain old games often include a feature known as a save-state. This allows you to take a snapshot of your progress in the game and return to that exact point at a later time. It essentially allows you to “cheat death” in the game by returning to the last point you saved before losing at a game. I recently discovered a trick using this feature to unlock new game play features that perhaps weren’t intended by the original creators. It has provided me with a new way to enjoy something I have long had a passion for. In other words thanks to advances in computer technology I can finally enjoy old games in a new way that makes it almost like discovering them for the first time.