Last weekend, I was given the opportunity to broaden my horizons in regard to local art. For the first time, I participated in the Sherman Art Dash.

For those unaware, the art dash brings together small pieces of artwork from dozens of area artists and allows participants to pick out one they like. That is, if they are fast enough to beat everyone else to it.

As I’ve written recently, one of my goals going into the new year was to get out and be more active. What I didn’t write was that I meant this both literally, with regard to exercise, and figuratively as well.

Given my own inclinations, I tend to be a home body and don’t go out more than I really have to in my free time. Going into 2020, I wanted to change that and start doing more outside of my small bubble.

While the exercise has gone well, I had not gone to many events or done things outside the house up until this weekend.

Initially, I didn’t intend to go to the art dash, but an artistic friend convinced me to go as he had some pieces that were on display and others that were up for grabs during the dash. Me going was more to support a friend but also gave me an excuse to get out of the house.

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t consider myself that artistic, despite my writing. As such, I’ve never really had an eye for art, but these things can change over time, I suppose.

What helped in this was the fact that I wasn’t participating as myself. Instead, I was standing in for someone who had signed up to dash, but was unable to attend. With that in mind, I relied less on my muted artistic tastes and had to think about what someone else might enjoy. In doing so, it forced me to look at the different aesthetics and look at them through eyes other than my own.