I have spent the last few weeks fighting an infection that has interfered with my daily life. Since visiting with the doctor, my recovery has begun, and now, I am taking some steps to improve my overall health.

I am getting back into break dancing as a means to get in shape. When I was in high school in Nevada, my friends and I formed a b-boy group. I was all into the hip-hop culture. I learned to break dance, DJ and even did some freestyle rapping from time to time. I put a lot of effort into building a reputation while also being a fierce competitor. Then, life took the twists and turns that brought me to Texas — living a small scale country life divorced from that world I grew up in.

Recently, I decided to give it another chance but not in the same way as before. When I was in college, I did get in shape. I started lifting weights, exercising and yes, break dancing then too. I got down to a more desirable weight and was feeling much better about myself than I have been lately.

A few personal setbacks led me to withdraw from the hobby. Now, I am ready to push myself forward into a healthier lifestyle. One of the reasons I wanted to get into gardening was so I could work outdoors growing my own vegetables. I figured I would be more likely to eat stuff I grow myself.

Adding to that, I want to get back to where I can put on an electric funk track, jam out to some tunes and bust some moves. I don’t intend to form a group or even perform in public as before. Rather, my goal is modest: just to have an activity that I find enjoyable that can also push me to get in better shape.