I know many of you just rolled your eyes at me, but I will forgive you. I was once a Valentines Day scoffer too.

But not anymore. I LOVE the day of LOVE. What turned it around for me, you might ask?

Love my dear friends, love.

St. Valentine, in whose name we stop every Feb. 14 to celebrate, was not really all that into Romance, though there are some stories that he secretly married couples so that the husbands didn’t have to go to war.

But he did know a thing or two about love.

A quick survey of the research on him shows that there are conflicting stories about just when and where St. Valentine stood up for his love of God and Christianity by dying for it, it is roundly believed that he did so.

I think that kind of love of a concept bigger than one’s own life is certainly worthy of celebration.

Why all the bright red hearts and sweet treats? Well, I could wax on a bit here but it all sort of comes down to why not? February is a fairly dreary month of gray skies and bone chilling temperatures. Why not brighten it up with the color of love and spread that cheer around, not only to one’s romantic partners but to friends and family as well?

After all, where does one learn the concept of true love more sincerely than with ones real friends and family?

So even if cupid hasn’t shot any arrows in your direction recently, go forth today and maybe even this weekend and spread good cheer and warm greetings of love to family and friends.

And while you’re at it, why not lavish a bit of those friendly thoughts and feelings on yourself? It seems to me there are basically just two kinds of people really — those who care only about themselves and those who spend most of their time caring for others. Luckily for mankind, most people are the latter. Most people could benefit from a reason to stop and assess the good things about themselves and concentrate on that for a moment or two.

I am not saying we should all put ourselves above others always or even as the norm, but everyone once in a while, it is OK to focus on oneself. Maybe take yourself to a movie you want to see that others don’t or go to that eatery you have been aching to try, but no one wants to go with you. Just walk in, sit right down and order that great meal or go get your nails done. Love comes in all forms and should be spread around as much as humanly possible.