While it seems we were mostly spared from the brunt of the wintry weather last week, I heard some referring to the storms in advance as likely the worst winter system the region has seen in years.

I’ve seen far worse in Texoma.

I started working for the Herald Democrat about seven years ago and it wasn’t soon after I saw the power of Mother Nature first hand. One of the first stories I covered was what many people referred to as “Icemageddon,” a series of winter storms that blanketed the entire region in ice and left the us literally, and figuratively, frozen for a week.

I can remember the storms started on a Thursday in early December. In coming to work, I can remember everyone was working with a sense of urgency as we tried to get as much done before the brunt of the sleet and freezing rain started. In the newsroom, the storms (and more specifically, the closures) took up the majority of that day.

The other thing I remember was somehow throughout the storm, I ended up with the window on my car stuck down due to the freezing weather. It was the perfect time for it, after all.

The next day, I was one of only about four people who were able to make it to the newsroom through the storms. Most others elected to work from home. I remember it was myself, my editor, one of our layout people and a sports reporter, who grew up in the north and was used to this kind of weather.

Throughout the day, I received calls from people who had not received their newspapers and we promised we were doing our best. However, that day’s edition for some came a little late. One caller was worried about the safety of our drivers who were out delivering that day.

It was one of those days that stuck with me, and all winter weather days will be compared to it.