Welcome to Oscar weekend folks. I can’t be the only one who thinks this ought to be a holiday weekend, can I? The Oscars is my absolute favorite award show of the season, and generally, I have spent weeks trying to see all of the movies that are nominated.

This year, I have seen exactly none of them.

Nope, not a one. I am way behind. Part of that is due to the fact that some of the movies are not the kind that I generally like to watch and part of it is the fact that I have been super busy.

When I first heard that the area was getting a new movie theater, I thought I would have even more opportunities to see all of the movies that get nominated. Turns out having those movies playing in this area didn’t mean I was going to stop what I was doing and go to the movie.

I really think “Little Women” and “Marriage Story” are probably the only two movies nominated that I would have actually wanted to see at the theater. I have not watched “The Irishman” even though I could get it at home. I am excited for a streaming service movie to win a big award, but that one just didn’t appeal to me enough to make me sit down and watch it.

If Jonathan Pryce doesn’t win the best actor award for “The Two Popes,” I am going to be left wondering what the other guys did that was better than his performance because he was brilliant.

In the best supporting actor category, my vote is split because I absolutely loved Tom Hanks in “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” and I loved Anthony Hopkins in “The Two Popes.” Either one of them could win that award as far as I am concerned.

Even though I have not seen the movie “Judy,” I hope that Renee Zellweger wins for her part in it. I am just pulling for Zellweger to make a comeback at this point.

One thing about the awards show that I know I am going to love is the fact that they don’t have a host a party for it again this year. I thought the show flowed better last year without one.