I have never considered myself a disciplined person when it comes to eating.

It is partially because I do not want to restrict myself and partially because I can be indecisive.

For example, I do not often bring my lunch to work because if I make something great to eat, I am not going to wait until lunch to eat it. And, then what if I do not want to eat that the next day? I am not going to force myself.

Understanding myself and my dietary habits, I have just told myself that disciplined eating was not for me. So, this year I began a journey to prove this to myself once and for all. That way, I could say, “I have tried that. It does not work for me.”

In January, I went to the grocery store and purchased a lot of things I love…asparagus, fresh green beans and Brussels sprouts. I picked up some spinach wraps, chicken breasts and shrimp. I took them home and meal prepped.

I prepared a different meal each day with the different combinations of the foods. Alternating between the chicken and the shrimp, the green beans and the Brussels sprouts, and brown rice and the wraps, I made a lot of things and tried new recipes.

By Friday, I was totally disappointed in myself.

Not only did I feel like I was eating less, I was getting more and more satisfied. The process was not hard and I was never mad at myself. Literally, I was working to change my eating habits, and it was not hard.

Three weeks later, I am still on it, and it is almost a habit. (Many sources say it takes between 18-254 days to form a new habit with the habit becoming automatic around day 66.)

Now, what am I going to tell myself about my ability to try new things? If I did this one thing, what else can I do?

I am not going to say that this new strength has entirely irked me, but it does go to show that things that seem daunting may not be if you just take it one step at a time. Also, it does not take a 360 to make a change. All it takes is effort.

Now, what new challenges can I take on for 2020? This change thing does not seem so bad after all.