Like a good number of people, this past weekend I spent the day at a Super Bowl party with my family. I know some people watch the game for the entertainment while like others the football. I tend to be one who only cares if the game itself is interesting.

The notion of an underdog team rising to the top to take home its first championship in 50 years is certainly a story worth investing in.

I spent my early years living in the state of Kansas. I also enjoyed watching many Chiefs games over the years as I joined most Kansans in rooting for the NFL team closest in proximity to our state. Not to mention the word Kansas is right in the team’s name.

Since I have never been a tremendous sports fan, I enjoy a good game when the story of the team, a player or other aspect is fascinating.

This year the Chiefs were facing a mounting deficit of points. A bad pass left them in an inevitable 3rd down with only a few minutes left in the game. They were down by 10 points though. Then a stunning play brought the game back within reach as the team marched down the field to a touchdown that instantly triggered a review. It was those final nail-biting moments as the officials decided to count the points in the favor of the team I watched faithfully come up short season after season.

For me to see a team that had not even been in the big game my entire life walk away with one of the most prestigious trophies in professional competition was a moment many in my immediate family celebrated with glee. It was a game to some, a moment in history to others, but for me, it was a story about a team. A team led by a quarterback who’s rising star is currently shining bright on his team and its legion of fans. Whether you live in Missouri, Kansas or elsewhere, those who watched the game witnessed a story of determination and hope for the underdogs everywhere.