I am looking into the possibility of starting a vegetable garden this spring.

When I was a kid I always had fun helping my mom in her garden. At the age of 11, I got my first taste of working for hire pulling weeds in a neighbor’s garden, followed by raking leaves then shoveling snow. By the time I was in my teens, I was working part time in my uncles garden. He had acres of land out in the country and grew all sorts of vegetables, fruits and trees.

My mom always found a way to turn gardening into a game for us to make it more enjoyable. I was easily duped, but it worked.

I don’t have a lot of land to work with. I am still trying to figure out what is the best produce while keeping my surroundings in mind. I have to ensure the neighbor’s birds do not interfere with my plans. Since the neighbors are family and I am living on their land, I will undoubtedly require coordination with them to pull this off.

My hope is simple: take some dirt and turn it into plants I can eat.

Whether it was working for my uncle, helping my grandma can pickles or just digging up dirt for my mom’s green beans, I’ve always been fascinated with gardening.

One of my favorite video games is called Harvest Moon. It’s basically a game where the player has a small single-family farm with the goal turning it into a profitable venture. I don’t intend to become a commercial farmer by any stretch of the imagination. However, I do look forward to joining the countless green thumbs out there each attempting to bring something edible out of the ground using their own two hands.