Outside of writing and a few of my other hobbies, one of the things that I enjoy most is expanding my culinary horizons. While the term has some pretentious connotations, I’ve use the term foodie to describe myself with little shame, because quite honestly the shoe fits.

Working at the Herald Democrat has exposed me to even more options. With keeping up with everything that is going on in Sherman as one of my job duties, I often know when a new restaurant comes to town, if I haven’t already written about it.

In most cases, I try make it a point to visit them within the first few days of opening, partially out of curiosity, but also for the sake of knowing what is in the community. I try not to over do it for the sake of both my wallet and my waistline.

I got the chance to do just that this week with the opening of Denison’s first Culver’s location This was a story that I first wrote about in February of last year when they announced plans to open in the city. While it was obvious that the restaurant was still working out the kinks of a new location, I enjoyed my meal and dining experience and that is what matters.

Outside of visiting new restaurants, I’ve also written in previous columns about teaching myself to cook, with a mixed record of successes at it. Yet as I improve, cooking has become a stress reliever for me and my small kitchen has become a place I can relieve stress and just unwind. Once again, it is an interest that I can’t fully explain.

The best way I can describe it is that it is a new experience.