I keep three little boys so that I can stay home full time with my daughter. There was a season not long ago when the eldest boy, Lincoln, became the first of the four to potty train. As a part of his training, Lincoln didn’t wear pants. This would allow him to get to the potty quickly, should the need arise, and also, make him more aware of accidents.

During his pant-less season, the others would laughingly comment, “where are Lincoln’s pants?” They didn’t understand that as funny as he looked with no pants on, Lincoln had stepped into another level of training they could not yet comprehend. Lincoln’s progress looked silly to them. It even seemed out of order. He appeared to them more like a baby than a big boy, and yet, he was advancing in his learning journey where they were maintaining.

There are seasons of growth we experience that to others may appear backward, awkward, and even embarrassing. As you move forward in this new year, stepping into new endeavors and taking new risks, there may be seasons you stand out. You may be ridiculed by people who love you. People around you may doubt you’re even ready for the new challenges you take on.

Like Lincoln, if you have stepped into another level of personal growth, it’s OK if not everyone around you is able to celebrate your process with you. More importantly than what others think, we all require space to fail and space to thrive as we move forward in reaching our goals and aspirations. You may be in a “pant-less” season now, but the skill set and new possibility on the other side will be well worth pressing through the discomfort of looking a little funny as you learn.

Antonette Weatherly is a wife, mother and minister who lives in the Sherman area. You can find her weekly serving at Victory Life Church. She can be reached at antonetteweatherly@gmail.com.