This last week there has been a lot of excitement about starting a brand new decade. This is the fourth time in my life I have witnessed the end of one decade and the start of another.

That’s not to say I have myself reached the age of 40, but I am much closer than I might care to admit.

It reminded me a lot of the time when everyone was getting excited for the year 2000. As an avid computer enthusiast, I was quite fascinated by the culture surrounding what was then known as the Y2K bug. I have seen memes popping up on social media this past week reminiscent of that time in our culture.

For me, it takes me back to the first real computer I owned. Sure, my parents got me old junk computers from yard sales over the years, but 1999 was the year my grandmother bought my mom a desktop computer for our entire family to share. Back then, sharing the computer was an ordeal. Each person had his or her own uses for it. Mom liked looking up old friends on message boards. My dad was more into reading about cars on websites that have long since been shut down. My sisters spent their time looking for boys in the chat rooms.

As for me, I spent most of my time connecting with others who shared my interests. I fell instantly in love with the online culture of meeting people in message boards and chatting about things that we cared about. I joined several discussion boards on the now defunct Usenet system. It was a treat opening up my mail reader and seeing all the replies to conversations by friends I had met online.

Looking back at the past is something we tend to do the further we get from it, I believe. It’s certainly become a hobby of mine — reconnecting with things from my own past. Another hobby I had at the time was creating websites about things I was interested in.

Today, it’s much simpler.

I look back on the last decade and I see a lot has changed in many ways. Yet, I also see somethings continuing on as ever before.

In the end, I am glad I am still around to witness another decade coming to a close and a fresh new start kicking things off.