It is that time of year again. The very beginning of it, in fact.

With the start of the new year, many people look for ways to improve themselves, in a myriad of ways. Some want to lose weight and get in shape. Others want to give up bad habits like smoking or an addiction to caffeine and the daily cup of coffee.

While I’ve never been one to really follow resolutions, I am considering it this year. Seriously this time, I promise.

For my self improvement, I want to focus simply on eating better rather than setting a high goal that I know I won’t be able to reach. Instead, this is something more manageable that I have a decent chance of succeeding at.

I am trying start eating at regular hours and perhaps lose a little weight along the way as I add in more healthy options.

The problem that I’ve had with the resolutions is that so few people stick with them and achieve success. I read as I was writing about resolutions earlier this season that nearly 80 percent of them fail.

What sets my goal apart from others in some ways is that this really started before the new year. Over the Christmas break, I spent time with my father, who is far more health-oriented than I am. Through the holiday I ate a mostly vegetarian diet and I started the holiday off with a nearly three-mile hike.

Even after I left to come home, I found myself following many of his habits. While I will never be a vegetarian, I can say that I’ve ate far less meat than I would normally, and I’ve found myself going out for walks when I normally would stay inside.

What I think sets this apart is that it is a new year’s resolution in name only. It is something that I stepped into without intending to make it one. Instead, it was a change that gradually happened, as many changes that last are.