I love music. Whenever I am asked what is my favorite band or type of music, I can’t give you an answer because my tastes are very eclectic.

I also enjoy collecting music.

I have various works on CD, mp3, cassettes and vinyl records. The latter is a more recent development for me.

As for tapes and CDs, I never stopped buying works I enjoy from my childhood. But, there is something different about owning an album on vinyl. I rejoined the ranks of record collectors when I picked up a record player and a copy of the album “License to Ill” by the Beastie Boys.

It was an unusual purchase because I got it at Walmart of all places.

It was my first realization that the resurgence of vinyl collecting was increasing right here in my local market. I had always had my eye on the after-market records with the intention of getting a few when it made sense to do so. I happen to be one who doesn’t care if my tunes are on a CD, tape or record as long as it plays the song I want to hear.

What I do find fascinating is the types of stores now selling records. Oh sure, it’s easy to find records at pawn shops and antique stores, but I haven’t seen them pop up in a Walmart, Best Buy or similar store since I was a young kid.

It was even more of a surprise walking into a local video game store to find a sizable section of shelf space devoted to the format. I have taken time to thumb through their selection as well from time to time as I work out what my intentions will be as I wade back into this world I had left years ago.

It’s always exciting to rediscover something from my youth that resonates with the wider cultural landscape. I find listening to an album on vinyl to be more of an experience. I tend to listen to the entire work instead of just hitting shuffle on my iPod or a playlist. I am not sure how viable my interest in this hobby will be, but it will be fun to see where it leads me.