Each year I celebrate the holidays with my sister and her family. I often enjoy gathering with her kids to see how they react to unwrapping Christmas presents. This year, my sister got her family a present for everyone to enjoy: a large enclosed trampoline.

Needless to say the kids were beyond excited for it.

As fun as it was watching them all work together as a family assembling the families newest toy, it was that much more fun watching the kids do so as they enjoyed their other two big shared gifts. Their big sister, who is now grown with kids of her own, got them all these neat marshmallow guns the kids used to wage war upon one another. The other cool present that the kids were enjoying while the adults and teenagers worked to assemble the trampoline were these Bluetooth headsets that had built in FM tuners. It was fun watching the kids run around shooting marshmallows at each other as each one was jamming out in their own world to his or her favorite tune. The look on the one kid when he realized that the radio station he was listening to was playing the same exact song as his older sister was priceless. It was even more so when he realized they were both the same radio station.

We never had a trampoline ourselves growing up. That was partially because we moved around so much we didn’t have a permanent yard. However, my grandma Todd had an old square one we frequently made us of each summer we spent at her house.

My youngest niece sat down and asked me to sync her headset to my phone and show her one of my favorite songs. Now it’s understandable her musical tastes differ quite a bit from my own. It didn’t take her long to realize she could control the playlist from her headset and quickly skipped the song I was showing her for one more appealing her her sensibilities. It ended up being one of the better Christmas memories I have had in recent years.