A few months back, I had the idea to start a food column called “Cooking up a Memory” because I was working through some recipes that I recalled from my earlier years and I wanted to share that experience.

The column gave me the chance to share a number of those items with our readers and since then we have added some items from a couple of other people. Now we would like to give our readers a chance to get in on the action. Is there a dish you just loved from your past that you would like to share with our readers? Simply write out the recipe. Make it once so you can photograph it or a serving of it. Then send those along with some information about why the food is special to you to us at news@heralddemocrat.com

The description of the memory and the recipe need to add up to be around 500 words. If that sounds daunting, remember to include a phone number in case we need to help you stretch the copy a bit. As far as the type of food required for this article, anything goes from dessert to breakfast and all of the way back to midnight snack. Any food that evokes a strong memory is fair game for this feature. And, of course, it doesn’t have to fancy or complicated. In fact, the opposite is often better.

I am really looking forward to reading and trying some of the recipes I know our readers will submit. I can’t wait to see which foods are special to the unique people who read our paper everyday.