With Thanksgiving dinner just around the corner, families are preparing to get together for the the communal fall meal and a season of togetherness.

As for my Thursday, I plan to do the same with close friends in the area with Friendsgiving.

For the first time since I can remember, I won’t be able to meet up with my family and will have to instead wait until the weekend. However, I won’t be going without this Thanksgiving.

I first heard about the concept of Friendsgiving about a decade ago through a group of college friends, but I wasn’t able to attend at the time. A group of 15-25 friends in a club got together for a communal potluck the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Merriam-Webster traced the term back to its first use in 2007 as a gathering of friends for a meal around the Thanksgiving holiday.

This year, I was invited to dinner by a friend who was in a similar situation; his family plans to meet over the weekend leaving him and his wife with Thursday free. With that in mind, he planned to invite a few mutual friends over for something of a potluck.

The one thing all of us had in common was that we were planning to spend Thanksgiving alone or with a small group.

While my friend plans to cook the main dishes, it is up to the rest of us to cover the side dishes. The only issue now is finding something that fits the tastes and dietary needs of everyone. But, that is a small cost for spending the holiday with friends and loved ones.

Happy birthday to John Corbett of Denison. Happy anniversary to Glenn and June Whitaker of Van Alstyne, 76 years;