I’m finally ready to begin looking forward to experiencing my first Christmas in my new home. I decided to get a head start on the festivities this weekend with the purchase of a new Christmas tree.

It was a nice addition to the mood for my home. I immediately began getting into the holiday spirit, and I decided I didn’t want to hold off until later in the season to put the tree up as it was brand new.

I have very fond memories of decorating the Christmas tree with my parents and three sisters. We had an old cardboard box we kept everything in. Unfortunately, the box was lost in one of our many moves over the years leaving us without the ornaments from our childhood.

I see this as an opportunity for me to start accumulating my own ornaments for the little tree I picked up.

I recently made it a point to get more involved in my local church. I signed up for a few new activities that will push me to try and give back a little more this season. My faith has always been an important part of my life. I always look forward to the holiday season. I especially enjoy how it seems to encourage people to be more giving and willing to spread cheer.

This will be my first Christmas I get to celebrate in my new home. I am sure even my cat will have her own fun as she seeks to explore the tree I bought. I hope this little tree brings a small dose of that Christmas spirit into my place as I begin to transform it into a home.

Happy birthday to Harold Harper, Aaron Jones, and Steve Lewis.