I’ve spent quite a bit of my time looking back at and holding onto the more enjoyable aspects of my childhood.

I especially like revisiting old movies or video games from the past to remind me of the simpler time of childhood. I recently spent some time digging into the newly launched and much discussed Disney+ streaming service.

I quickly found myself, much like Alice, falling down a rabbit hole of nostalgia. I quickly filled my list with a swarm of Disney Channel originals I had the pleasure of sitting through as a young adolescent. I turned my sights on earlier childhood favorites like DuckTales or The Adventures of the Gummy Bears. These were cartoons I had very fond memories watching on Saturday mornings and then weekday afternoons as our entertainment options began to escalate in the 90s.

It went beyond just exploring the shows I sat through as a kid. I quickly located Escape from Witch Mountain, the Apple Dumpling Gang and Swiss Family Robinson — films I watched with my dad growing up.

He was always excited to introduce me to the stuff he grew up with. It turns out the magic of those old Disney films can still elicit an emotional response even from a grown man whose tastes have evolved over the years. While I do enjoy an occasional 80s throwback like Netflix’s Stranger Things or ABC’s The Goldbergs, I do spend the majority of my time consuming modern shows made for a modern audience. Yet, there was something refreshing about going back and seeing some of those old movies and shows I had forgotten about.

Happy birthday to Dale Rodgers of Celina and Karen Christie Parker of Lago Vista.