I know it has been a while now, but I am still not used to it getting dark so early.

My body had been very happy with the idea of getting sleepy about the time it starts to get dark outside. I come home from work, eat dinner, do a few things with the dog and then begin to get ready for bed at around 8:30-9 p.m.

Now when it is dark by the time I get home, I feel like I am constantly running behind. I come in and try to still do the same things, but the darkness outside my windows makes me want to go to bed.

And when I have things that I have to do after work, now I am doing those things in the dark. Some things, like grocery shopping, are not so bad to do once it is dark outside because most parking lots are well lit. But taking my trash to the curb at night in the dark is no fun. The way my apartment complex is laid out means I am dragging that trash can down a rutted alleyway in the dark.

I am not afraid of my neighbors, but breaking an ankle is a real fear.

Additionally, my little schnauzer doesn’t like to run outside in the dark when I get home. She heads for the back door and still throws on the breaks when she looks out and sees pitch blackness just beyond the porch light’s reach. I am hanging Christmas lights for the time being, but what to do once the season ends?

I guess I am still not sold on the reason for moving the clocks back and forth in this modern era. I feel like I am more tired now than I was in the summer, and I am sure it has to do with the lack of light when I get off work. It could be that I just feel that way because I am looking for something to blame, but it could also be that we have let this once useful practice outlive its service to us overall.

Happy birthday to Ben McCaleb of Sherman and Aniyah Parker. Happy anniversary to Tommy and Cathy Johnson of Sherman, 43 years.