In this industry, it is hard not to grow attached to some of the stories you write. In a way, you take ownership of a story as it develops, and by the end, a personal connection to the topic develops.

This week, I got to see a story that I started more than two years ago come to completion with the opening of Denison’s HeyDay Entertainment location. While I am no longer the Denison reporter for the Herald Democrat, I felt it was right to be there for the unofficial opening Thursday night.

It held a sense of closure and seemed necessary to it through to the end.

I can remember first hearing about plans to open a new entertainment complex in Gateway Village on Sept. 8, 2017. City officials held two meetings to discuss the announcement — a large ceremony and a less-flashy meeting by the Denison Development Alliance just before the press conference.

I was the only member of the media there for the first meeting.

Throughout the fall, I covered the development the projects.

My involvement with HeyDay lasted until April of this year when I moved to Sherman as my primary beat. Still, I felt some ownership of the story and continued to watch it from afar afar after passing the torch on to another reporter.

And really that is why I wanted to be there for the opening. After watching it for nearly two years, it was a story that I started and it felt like my duty to see it through until the end.

Happy birthday to Brian Adams, Barbara Boland and Aaliyah Jones Baker, all from Sherman; Austin Powell of Whitewright; and Jerry Ben McAlister of McAllen.