The downside to home ownership has bore unwanted fruit this past week as the rains brought to me a leaky roof.

Last summer when I moved into my home, I knew there would be ups and downs. I enjoyed doing the yard work until the excessive heat made it go from a chore to nearly unbearable.

As someone who hails from a much colder climate, spending most of my life in the mountains of Idaho or the Midwest of North Central Kansas to Southern Nebraska, I’m far more accustomed to the cold. However, precipitation is something else entirely.

I lived the majority of my life in a fairly dry climate. Northern Nevada and Idaho where I spent most of my time, rarely get more than an inch or two at most of rainfall. As I am living in a mobile home, designed to be hauled to the wettest of places, I somehow figured it would withstand the rains a little better. Yet now, with a roof leaking water dripping onto my bed where my cat Chloe and I sleep, I now have come to realize there is a responsibility of a home owner to protect that investment.

Needless to say I am certainly up to the challenge. Fortunately my sister, who I bought the trailer from, has the experience to help me fix a leak.

It’s just another reminder of something I have learned since I arrived in the Lone Star State. It rains far more than I ever imagined. This itself is something I attribute to Hollywood as my image of Texas was a dry dessert with masked men and cowboys.

I am rather glad that trope proved to be dubious at best.

Happy birthday Saturday to Amber McKinney of Denison and Patricia Onley of Richardson. Happy anniversary Saturday to John and Judy Robinson, of Sherman, 51 years.

Happy birthday Sunday to Bill Lange of Sherman; Shamea Bowen; Lisa Owens; Janann Hefner of Denison; Kerry Jones of Collinsville; and Windell Walters of Allen. Happy anniversary to Haley and Joseph Hendricks of Denison, one year and Jim and Saundra Westfall of Collinsville, 57 years.

Happy birthday Monday to Dylan Matthew Mutz of Lubbock; Mildred Jackson; Weneva Jacobs; Joyce White Smith of Walnut Springs; and Peggy Durden of Collinsville.