As Benjamin Franklin once said, “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” While I am sure there is some truth to this, and it makes for a good anecdote, it doesn’t quell my distaste for Daylight Savings.

Regardless of if I am springing forward or falling back, I don’t really see the need to adjust the clocks as there may have been generations ago. Times change — pun completely intended.

Instead, sometimes it feels like the entire concept was made simply to mess with my sleep schedule. In that regard, it accomplishes its task quite nicely.

I think part of my issue is the fact that it takes me time to adjust my own natural clock to the changes in the physical one. While my alarm clock may tell me one time, my body is telling me a completely different one.

I know that some people prefer to the fall adjustment in the winter over the spring shift as it gives them an extra hour of sleep that night. For me, it simply isn’t worth the effects it has on my internal clock. In the spring, I will find myself wanting to wake up later while in the fall I find myself waking up too early.

This transition, I didn’t really feel it until late Sunday night when I started feeling tired about an hour before I normally go to bed. The harder part came when I woke up the next morning exactly one hour before I normally do. Just like clockwork, my body knew when I normally should be waking up, and I couldn’t fall back to sleep.

It normally takes me a couple weeks to adjust my schedule to match the clocks. Until then, I will have some early mornings ahead of me where I contemplate the importance of Daylight Savings while staring at the ceiling from my bed.

Happy birthday to Judie K. Ertel of Colorado Springs, Colorado and Millie Greene of Sherman.