When my girlfriend asked me to don a costume and take part in her company’s Halloween party this year, I didn’t know where to begin.

It had been at least five years since I last dressed up for the holiday and before that I probably went a solid seven years without an outfit. To some, that’s lot of wasted opportunities for fun and I get that, but going without a costume all these years really hasn’t bothered me.

By the end of elementary school or so I felt I was done with trick or treating and thus there really wasn’t a need for me to get dressed up. Middle school and high school went by without any costume-critical parties and by college I was more than content just to roam Austin’s Sixth Street around Halloween and see all the strange attire people picked for themselves. Talk about some prime people watching.

My girlfriend and I ultimately decided to dress up as Sam Neil’s and Laura Dern’s characters from Jurassic Park. To get all the items we needed as Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler, we watched a VHS tape of the 90s blockbuster and I could not have been more thrilled to relive some of my childhood. I had the opportunity to dress up like one one of my favorite movie heroes and briefly be the paleontologist I once wanted to become. Building the costume was honestly a blast.

But truly, I had the most fun at the party. Another couple joined us by jumping into inflatable T-Rex suits and we all reenacted our favorite scenes from the film as we passed out candy to kids. Our dinosaur friends raged and roared with displeasure when we failed to take home 1st place in the costume competition, but it didn’t matter to me. Getting back into the spirit of Halloween, after all these years, just felt good.

Happy birthday to Cortney Hunkapillar of Denison; Kristi Tabara and Avery Tabara, both of Bells; Keith Hughes of Gordonville; Lowell McKinney and Diane Wilson, both of Sherman; Suzanne Young Welch of Plano; Emma Norris of Pottsboro; Evan Rodgers of College Station

Happy anniversary to Jackie and Ron Marlow of Denison, 6 years;