I have come to believe that there is a moment in everyone’s life when we start to feel old. It can come from a myriad of places ranging from anniversaries to watching kids grow up and become adults.

For me? It was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that made me feel old this week.

The hall of fame, which recognizes influential and accomplished musicians, announced its recent class of nominees for induction this week. This year’s list includes several artists that probably should have been in by this point — Pat Benatar, The Doobie Brothers, Thin Lizzy and Whitney Houston.

However, what set off my fears of growing old is that mixed into that list are several of the acts from my generation. Dave Matthews Band, Nine Inch Nails and The Notorious B.I.G. are also up for consideration this year.

One of the requirements to be inducted into the hall is that it must have been at least 25 years since the release of their first record. This would mean that groups forming in 1994 would now be eligible for inclusion.

For me, it is hard to think of the bands that I grew up listening to being included in the list because I have a hard time processing that so much time has gone by.

In a way it feels strange that bands from the early 90s, with all the non-conformity and cynicism that comes with it, being recognized in such a way. But here we are, at a time when Nirvana, Green Day and Pearl Jam, among others from that era are included.

Growing up, it always felt like the hall of fame was reserved for groups from my father’s generation of music — the past generation of music. While some of that era still are being inducted today, we are and it is my generation that is in that position, and it leaves me with an odd feeling inside.

Happy birthday to Zena Wood, Michael Briscoe and Frances Nelson, all of Sherman; and Mike Wester of Sherman.

Happy birthday Sunday to Darion Bennet, Janice Harris, Dyna Hasse, Marvelle Hudson, Nelda Ann Woods, Joyce Jones, Mary Franklin, all of Sherman; Angela Barnum of Denison; Tyra Sentell of Dallas; and Rugar Thomas Cook of Denison.

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