Is there anything better than that first really cool morning of fall? If there is, I am not sure what it is and we just might be seeing that event happen this week.

What one considers to be cool is, of course, personal. I think anything below 50 degrees is really cool but some might boost that up to around 60 degrees. I know I am very much looking forward to turning off my air conditioner for good for the season. I hope this week is the last week I will have to run it until next spring. Next spring will probably start sometime in February if this year’s weather pattern continues.

But, I digress because I was talking about cooler weather coming in this weekend. I know several friends who are going to go to the Great State Fair of Texas this weekend and I am almost jealous. I am jealous till I think about walking around the zillions of other people who will be there and then I think I will enjoy staying at home. Other friends are going out to football games on Friday night and as much as I do love watching a good marching band, I can’t really work up any enthusiasm for that activity either.

It sees that this fall, at least, I am going through a stage where the idea of big crowds does not appeal to me. I do love Whitesboro’s Peanut Festival so we will see if my desire to hide away is strong enough to keep me from making the trek back home on the third Saturday of October. And, of course, I will be out and about for the first night of Grayson County’s Holiday Lights in November. And then there is the Sherman Christmas parade on the horizon. If all of that makes you a little dizzy, don’t feel lonely. It makes me a little woozy too. The year is almost over, once again. I really wish we could make summer shorter and get to fall a little earlier in the year. By the time it cools off enough to enjoy anything, the time to enjoy is almost over.

Whatever you do to mark this changing of the seasons, I hope you find people to enjoy it with and pause long enough to be thankful for them and life’s celebration worthy occasions.