When I first moved to Texoma in 2015 I instantly knew this was where I wanted to make my home.

Since then, I have bought a home and found myself becoming increasingly involved in the community.

I’ve only been covering the city of Denison for a little over six months now, but during that time, I have learned so much about the people who make up the city’s downtown district.

Last week, I watched in shock — just like many in the community — as a building in the downtown district burned down.

It was one of those moments when I instantly knew this was going to be a defining moment in the city’s history. Everyone I have spoken to has said the community response has been inspiring, and I can honestly say I am motivated to do the work I do because of how it allows me to share the stories of those individuals who inspire.

While my first job in Texoma was short lived, it was in fact in Denison.

Many have said the city’s heart is downtown, and the image of a broken heart has been used a lot since the news of the fire broke.

It breaks my heart.

In the short time I have covered the city, I have spent a lot of my time reporting on the men and women who make up Denison Fire Rescue. I’ve seen these people in action time and time again.

I have often complained about working long, odd hours in my profession. As they say, “The news never sleeps.” But, even as a reporter, I don’t put in the same hours as the people who work tirelessly to keep our community safe do.

As the residents of Denison will begin to rebuild downtown, I will be there to document it in my own attempt to ensure I can help shine a spotlight on those individuals who dedicate their lives to this community.