Moving to Texas was a big change for me.

Much like the changes we are facing as a company, I had to adjust.

I was tasked with finding the one story that had the most impact on me personally. I discovered a lead in the Midway Mall store called Mish Mash that had grown from a single kiosk to one of the largest, locally owned stores in the mall. The man behind the article had an interesting story that I was quite happy to help share with our readers.

What I enjoy the most about my job is discovering people like this man who rise beyond their surroundings to find success despite the odds being stacked up against them.

It’s finding these neat little stories and sharing them with the community that I enjoy most about my job. It will continue to be my desire to seek out the people in the community who rise up above their surroundings and find success in their own way.

As we transition to a different delivery method I want to first thank all the readers who have enjoyed the work we do. Knowing I am able to make even a small impact on the community inspires me to do my best. We ask that you, our loyal subscribers, bear with us through this change and it would bring me great pleasure to continue digging up those personal stories that we work diligently to deliver to you each day.

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I invite each of you to following us on those platforms while we make this transition together so you won’t miss a single story we produce.

I am optimistic that making it through this transition together will allow me to continuing to bring each of you even more interesting feature stories about our friends and neighbors who live in this vibrant community we call Texoma.

Happy birthday to Sterling Jackson and Nikila Fletcher, both of Sherman; Ben Jones of Tom Bean; Renatta Jones of Bells; Maddie Johnson of Fort Washington; and Barry G. Davidson of Anna.