As a journalist, I’m a big fan of tough questions. In this line of the work, we’re usually the ones who ask them, but every once in a while one comes back around and we’re put on the spot ourselves. That scenario played out earlier this week when our editor put this question to the newsroom: Which of of your stories has had the biggest impact?

That’s been particularly hard for me to answer, and it just seems to bring up more questions.

I spent a few days thinking about my past articles and and while it wasn’t easy, I finally settled on one: Lacy Harber and his controversial 2017 hunt of a black rhinoceros.

I wrote the article in 2018 as national and international animal conservation groups were calling on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to block the Texoma businessman and prolific hunter’s request to import the carcass. Harber shot and killed the critically-endangered animal in Namibia after paying $275,000 for a permit to do so.

As reporter working for a daily newspaper along the Red River, I never imagined that I would be writing about the dwindling population of rare rhinos or reaching out to the Namibian Embassy for comment. I’m proud of my reporting in that article because I felt I was fair and thorough. But I consider it one of my my most meaningful stories because I was able to connect this community and its readers to a global topic of debate and make it relevant.

By now, many of you have probably heard that changes are coming to the Herald Democrat. Beginning this week, we’ll be delivering your paper via the United States Postal Service. We’ll be doing away with Sunday delivery, but giving you the whole weekend’s worth of content in an expanded paper delivered on Saturday.

Earlier deadlines mean some content will take a little longer to find it’s way onto the pages of our paper, but we promise it will still be quality, timely content.

These changes come from the willingness to ask ourselves tough questions and find the answers. How do we adapt to the new ways that people consume their news? How can we ensure more reliable delivery to our customers?

We understand that change is difficult and often times unwelcome. But the coming changes will not affect our mission to bring you, our dedicated subscriber, informative, balanced news and share stories that span this community, this country and the world.

Happy birthday Sunday to Beth Burfield of Pottsboro; Wilburn Baker of Brazil, Indiana; Josh Holloway, Tony Rains and McKinley Spruce, all of Sherman; and D.D. McKnight of Denison.

Happy anniversary Sunday to Karen and Randy Harmon of Denison, 25 years.

Happy birthday to Monday Larron Jackson and Denise Manning, both of Denison; Roemello Hagood, Catherine Davis, LaQueta Wilson, Jim Sublett and Norma Whitehead, all of Sherman.