A few weeks ago, I wrote about the ongoing festival season and how I’ve had to cover so many over the years that they tend to blend together. However, in all that time I have never had the chance to go for pleasure instead of business.

The opportunity presented itself this past weekend with the Sherman Arts Fest. Several of my friends were planning to attend or man booths at the event and I decided to make an afternoon of it.

I wasn’t and still am not sure what convinced me to go. There weren’t any specific displays I wanted to see, and I’ve never been the most artistic type. I think it was mostly a mixture of not having anything to do, curiosity and wanting to get out for once. Plus, hanging out with friends is never a bad thing.

As I walked through the many vendor booth and displays I came to one quick realization: everyone else was as used to me covering these events as I was. Every few minutes, I would get stopped by someone asking if they would include me in an article about the event, if I needed help, or if I would take a photo.

I laughed it off at first, but I started to wonder if people have come to expect that I am writing a story whenever they see me out and about. It comes with being a journalist, I suppose.

I eventually found one of my coworkers and a friend who were manning a booth for a local church. It wasn’t soon after that I it was time for everyone to head home and I helped them clean and pack up before going home myself.

Will I attend another festival? I am sure of it, but it might be a little bit before it is as an attendee rather than a reporter again.

Happy birthday to Bryce Faber of Bells; Roger Johnson and Stephanie Mutz, both of Sherman; Allie Hinsley of Sadler; Sandra Admire Savering of Denison; Annie Biggerstaff Alexander of Arlington; and Beverly Fant Whiddon of Pine Mountain, Georgia. Happy birthday Sunday to Earl Jackson, Brenda Pope and Charles Greene, all from Sherman; Carrol Gunn Oliphint of Dallas; James Howard Mulkey of Aubrey; Patricia Lillie Hagood and Alvin Keele, both of Denison; and Delores Isom Reeves of Ada. Happy anniversary Sunday to Charlie and Joyce Huddleston of Luella, 63 years. Happy birthday Monday to Arlene O’Malley of Denison; Wanda Cotrell of Sherman; and William L. Harris of Laguna Niguel, California.