Even after being in a community for years, you can always find out something new or interesting about it. Sometimes, it just takes going outside your normal routine, or in my case, taking a different road.

This happened to me last week when I was going home on a different path than normal. I needed to take pictures of a building for a story I was working on and decided to stop on my way home. It was along the way, but not on the normal route I was on.

As I was driving along Frisco Road to take the pictures, I rounded a corner and found myself staring at an older model pole sign for a Coca Cola building there. Aside from the old sign, there didn’t seem to be anything else that marked the industrial building as being a part of the soda company.

I’ve been in the area for more than half a decade, but I’ve never seen the building or heard talk of the it before. Is it just a warehouse? Is there any manufacturing going on there?

These were among the questions that came to mind immediately and since then I haven’t found many answers. The questions continue.

I’ve felt this feeling with a few other places around Sherman and Denison, and it has always centered on my curiosity with the past. I felt similar curiosity when I found out that the Sherman Museum, was originally a library commissioned by Andrew Carnegie.

I have always gotten the same feeling any time that I visit the Eisenhower Birthplace in Denison, when I try to imagine the life of the president-to-be.

The more I think about it, I think the curiosity stems from knowing that there is another story, beyond the current, lying just under the surface. Once you look back at the past, there is always another story to tell..

Happy birthday to Donna Jones, Nicki Anderson of Sherman; James Ray II of Arlington; Marcie Walters of Plano;