The roadhouse idea hit Sherman a few years back with a burst of activity when Logan’s Roadhouse and Texas Roadhouse both arrived on the scene in short order. With a mixed menu of steaks, burgers, ribs and the like, both establishments offered laid back surroundings, peanuts on the tables and shells on the floor, and both spots have proved popular with Texoma diners.

It has been a while since I visited either place, so looking for lunch the other day I stopped at Logan’s with a friend, and after a few peanuts, decided to try the lunch size meatloaf served with mashed potatoes, and a side — I chose homemade potato chips. My friend had chicken tenders and fries. While waiting, we munched on more peanuts.

My order arrived looking pretty good. A good sized slice of meatloaf, it was napped in brown gravy and grilled onions and somewhere underneath all of that brown was a thin layer of mashed potatoes. The rest of the plate held a mess of homemade potato chips.

The meatloaf was tasty, with good texture and flavor. The brown gravy was good too, albeit a little bit too salty. But then, restaurant food is almost always too salty. The onions added a nice bite to a bit of meatloaf, and were well cooked without any residual raw crunch. Taken as a unified bite, the meatloaf, gravy, onion and mashed potatoes was good indeed.

So were the potato chips, the only problem being their temperature. They should have been hot and crisp. As it were, they were more or less room temperature, but still crunchy.

My friend pronounced his chicken and chips good, and left little on the plate. I had more than my fill as well. Another bonus at Logan’s is their hot rolls. Served with soft butter, they are excellent.

The food at Logan’s was acceptable, pretty good in fact.

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