I have subscribed to the Herald Democrat for over 2 1/2 years, but I am writing this letter to state why I am canceling my subscription to your left-wing rag. I have gotten tired of your communist leaning left-wing rhetoric including those left-wing editorials you have selected from The Washington Post and New York Times. (Editor’s note: The Herald Democrat does not subscribe to The New York Times wire service and therefore does not publish content from The Times. It does subscribe to The Washington Post-Bloomberg News Service and Tribune News Service and republishes content from The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit newsroom, among numerous other sources.) I find it difficult to believe that people of your age are not capable of recognizing leftist propaganda unless of course you are a willing participant.

If the current administration in Washington is not allowed to salvage this country, you will suffer the benefits of the counter-culture, ie, out of control crime rate, deliberate obfuscation of our education system, communist doctrine in our universities, rampant drug problems, courts that punish for protecting yourself and family with a gun.

When I was employed by the intelligence service of our country, I had a communist tell me they would bring America down through our news media, our schools, our youth, our government, our laws and our freedoms. I laughed at him and said, “We’ve done pretty good for 200 years.” I am no longer amused.

I grew up in an era that we never locked our house, keys always left in the car, children walked to school in complete safety and knew who both parents were and medicine was yucky stuff you took when you were sick.

The counter-culture engineered this fall from grace and you are assisting in the demise of our country. You will reap the benefits of your labors. Congratulations, it is your country now; and it will get worse. It doesn’t matter to me at my age, but I am sorry for you.

John St. Clair