To the staff at the Herald Democrat,

There were others, I’m sure as incensed and disgusted as I am with the news of the verbal abuse directed at you.

K. Anon said of his title, Secretary General of the U.N. “sometimes S.G. stood for scapegoat.”

As a retired teacher, social worker and with a lot of years observing human behavior, I’m certain that people’s personalities, fears, potential are formed in their early years. Those who were shorted on nurturing and respect don’t have much of it to give.

That’s where you find bigots, bullies, con men, those unable to feel empathy — the Trump types among us — often so fearful of being a loser (his worst fear and favorite epithet) and so become one, in terms of character, true respect of others.

They need scapegoats. Anyone who doesn’t defer to them, who expresses anything but total agreement and approval will probably become a target — a scapegoat.

You are journalists, not social workers or therapists and you’ll be read by those who believe that “the responsibility for/of tolerance belongs to those who have the wider vision.”

Carmen Karston