The last few days have been a little difficult in the newsroom. With the news of Thursday’s murder of five people in the offices of The Capital Gazette in Maryland, it hit a little too close to home for several people, myself included.

In the wake of the tragedy, I was surprised by the responses that I got from people as I went out to do what I do every day — cover the news. While I had friends and family contact me Thursday and Friday regarding the shooting, it was Saturday that I had multiple people, including some I’ve never met before, thank me for my work in providing the news.

It happened while I was out covering a protest that was taking place outside the Grayson County Courthouse.

As I took in the mood and feel of the crowd, I had multiple people approach me and tell me that they’ve seen me not only covering the previous protests but other events throughout the community. Some of them I’d never had the chance to meet, and they only knew me from seeing me as I covered events. A few people took it a step further and offered me a hug.

While to comments varied from person to person, the recurring theme was that we, as journalists, are always there and they were are thankful for that.

Being a reporter is far from the easiest job in the world. The hours can be long and erratic at times. The news doesn’t always follow a nine-to-five schedule, and neither do we.

With that said, it feels good to hear from people that they are thankful for the work we all does. The recognition, when it comes, does feel all the sweeter.

Happy birthday to Freida Niblet and Sincere Ellis, both of Sherman; Martha James of Bells; and Donald Ray Lyons of Colbert.

Happy anniversary to Jerry and Lisa Luckie of Denison, 37 years.