With the end of school and warmer days comes all the telltale signs of the summer vacation season. Despite vacations usually being a time for relaxation, instead I feel myself filled with a strange sense of dread.

Over the next few weeks, I will be preparing for my summer trip to the Metroplex I make every year as my annual, albeit short, vacation. Each year, I take a few days off to go to a convention each June.

In the days leading up to the big event, I usually feel myself growing even more stressed and I can’t tell if it is from anticipation or how much work goes into planning for these things.

Taking a step back, it is worth noting that I will be volunteering for four days at the convention next month. Yes, as a workaholic even my vacations are filled with work. It is the nature of the beast.

So, over the next few days, I have to plan for that, and help organize things for the convention itself in my free time, as well as set schedules for all the other volunteers under me and all the other logistics. In addition to that, there is all the work at home that comes with planning for time away.

I need to pack, and make sure that I have everything I need for my time out of town. I also need to set my schedule for myself, and the things I want to do when I get some free time, so I actually enjoy my time away. Then, there is also the work to make sure everything is settled at home while I am away.

And in addition to all that, my editors always ask that I bank some extra stories in the days leading up to my vacation so they have extra content that can be used in the paper.

In and of itself, it feels like preparing for a vacation is almost a job in and of itself with how much I need to get done. All the work itself leaves me wondering when I might get a vacation from preparing for my vacation.

I am sure I will have plenty of time when it is all over.

Happy birthday to Nancy Shirley, Jared Lucas and Chris Elder, all of Sherman; and Yubeydy Maldonado of Leonard.