In case you have been under a rock somewhere and haven’t heard, there is a big wedding taking place in England this weekend. American actress Meghan Markle is marrying Prince Harry, the youngest son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. Harry is sixth in line to the British throne behind Prince Charles and Prince William and his three children. And of course, they’re also behind the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth.

Why should anyone in Grayson County care about the impending royal wedding? Well, why the heck not? There is so much doom and gloom in the world, why not partake in a little bit of joy for a couple of perfect strangers that are sharing their marriage with the world? Whatever reason one picks to watch the festivities, a party is in order and below are some of the things that will make it a proper British event.

1. Red, white and blue color scheme. The British flag has the same color scheme as the American flag and that means that one can easily reuse the items from a royal wedding watch party for that Fourth of July bash in just a few weeks.

2. Tea — iced or hot. Is there anything more British than tea? I don’t think so. Whether one drinks it warm with honey and milk or iced cold with strawberries or lemon, tea is the official drink of any true British bash.

3. Finger sandwiches. Sure enough one would not think of having a proper tea without these little gems. Whether one makes them with egg salad — the kind I plan to serve — or with ham and cream cheese — we might have these as well — they have to have the crusts removed.

4. Tea cakes. These make a great side item with tea.

5. Scones. They’re delicious.

6. Tiaras. Those are actually for the married ladies and fascinators for those who aren’t.

7. Celebration punch. Our version will be made out of ginger ale and pineapple cranberry juice.

Happy birthday Thursday to Sally Ertel of Denison; Chai Nelson of Sherman; Rosetta Everett of Dorchester; Bob Brown of Gordonville; and Shai Nelson of Greenville.

Happy anniversary Thursday to Lonnie and Dassie Majors of Sherman, 70 years; and Jackie and Peggy Harmon of Sherman, 49 years.