A tie for second place in the Denison City Council race left us scratching our heads earlier this month, because the second place winner will have a spot in a runoff for the seat later this year.

Since the election, we learned that if the recount didn’t change the results — it didn’t — some form of casting lots would decide who gets the second spot in the runoff. Not surprisingly, that’s sparked a number of ideas in the newsroom about exactly what game of chance should make this decision.

The two that are actually being considered by Denison city leaders are rolling of dice or flipping a coin.

We had a few other ideas. They all have at least some element of chance.

Blackjack: Admittedly this is not purely chance, but I think it presents a lot of opportunity to get more people interested in politics. We could set up one of those tables with a camera above the table and really get people engaged. — Jonathan Cannon

High card: Sticking with the dice theme, I was thinking the two candidates in the tie could each draw a random card from a brand new deck purchased by a trusted Denison official. Whoever draws the highest card gets to be on the ballot. — William C. Wadsack

Candy Land: In all of my long time with board games, I can think of no greater equalizer of children and adults than the childhood game of Candy Land. The total reliance on luck makes it the ultimate way to decide a winner, even if it is a bit on the silly side. — Michael Hutchins

Magic 8 Ball: Give each candidate one of these old school entertainers and the first one to get a positive prediction wins the right to be on the ballot. — Jerrie Whiteley

ZIP Code Game: One contestant provides the ZIP code of an obscure Texas town. The other contestant must state whether the number is odd or even. No coins required, just a thick postal directory. — Bill Spinks

Happy birthday to Jan Austen, Dorian Phea and Melissa Brown, all of Sherman; Pat Maynard of Whitesboro; Clint Mullins; and Warner Robbins of Georgia.

Happy anniversary to Joey and Sarah Mullins of Denison, 6 years; Bud and Barbara Carroll of Colbert, 5 years; and Mike and Nelda Perdue of Denison.