Once a boy lived with his mother and dad, paycheck to paycheck. Dad was injured on the job, with no benefits. Worse, he was let go and sent home — injured and jobless. His wife supported the family as he sank into depression and alcoholism.

Their son vowed that he would someday have his own business and that none of his employees would have to endure what his father did.

The business started small and with rapid growth, grew at a phenomenal pace. As promised, employees had the benefits, salary and job training that kept them loyal.

Charles Schultz named his store after his favorite character in a favorite novel, “Moby Dick.” Starbucks stores are found worldwide. There are thousands of employees who do not deserve the negative publicity resulting from an action of one inexperienced employee’s poor judgment in dealing with two customers whose reactions may seem extreme until understood in light of experiences of some of their peers.

Starbucks’ CEO is making amends. It’s time for Starbucks to get more even-handed treatment by the media.

Carmen Karston