When I began working as a journalist, I was excited to be put on the education and real estate beats. I was excited because I believed I would be mainly focused on uplifting stories. I imagined the smiles on readers’ faces as they read about the success of our local students and the rise in our housing market.

These hopes did come to fruition but so too did something I did not expect. There have been weeks where the news has not been quite so sunny. We have reported on mistakes that have been made and tragedies that occurred.

What I learned from that is a bit clichéd, I will admit, but what has become quite clear is that there truly can be no rainbow without the rain. Through the more solemn stories, I have seen communities rally and friends unite.

For example, I wrote an article about a local man whose cars were vandalized outside his home. A racial slur was used and his property was damaged. Months after the initial reports came out, he came to us with a positive story to tell. He told us about the way his church, neighborhood and friends rallied around his family.

This is just one of the many positive responses I have seen in the aftermath of a terrible event. It may seem sometimes that the news is overly dreary but be assured that is not our aim. We greatly enjoy any chance to share the successes and triumphs of this community.

First and foremost, we will always report the news as it is, so the stories may not always be lighthearted or heartwarming. However, I take comfort in the many times we see rainbows after the rain.

I am grateful for the opportunity to continue growing as a journalist and as a person. As much as I enjoy bringing good news and novel ideas to our readers, I see the importance of conveying the less joyful stories as well. It is an important aim to inform, even when the information is not all sunshine and rainbows. That being said, it is important to remember to enjoy the rainbows when they appear.

Happy birthday to Mariah Taylor, Jim Tribble, Joan Huffman, Jill Meador, Dominque Stevenson, Larita Johnson and Lanita Ketchem, all of Sherman; Sharlynne Brown Williams of Wylie; and Bobby Wardlow Brown of Atlanta.

Happy anniversary to Bob and Mary Wigington, of Denison, 50 years.