I read with sadness and a good degree of anger the article on Jan. 3 paper on the desecration of a Denison citizen’s familial tree, planted decades ago at her family’s grave site. It was cut down without inquiry or notice to her family, most regrettably with only thin and ambiguous justification from city representatives.

For the record, I am originally from Dallas, lived in Plano 12 years and moved here 26 years ago. I know what growth and progress look like, but there appears to be a disturbing trend in the last few years to disregard the will and concerns of the citizens who are the heartbeat of our town. We pay taxes for the right to make decisions affecting the quality and content of our city life here. In one instance — how many people are aware that Waterloo Lake, a natural gem of Denison — will soon have a 12 ft. wide concrete road wrapped around one side of it? Beyond destroying the natural beauty, have they considered the increase in reflected temperature — and how this will affect both wildlife and people? What is the will of citizens who use this park, and should they not be the determining factor in its preservation?

Apparently the notion that a grant can be applied for and received is determining the trajectory of our natural resources. Let us have a stronger hand in protecting our assets good for the economy and desirability of the area. Quality of life does not mean more bulldozed trees and poured concrete in wildlife and park areas, As citizens of our town, I invite all to give voice to this issue and demand a halt to desecration of our wildlife areas. For once it is gone, it is gone forever.

Jeanie McGuane Beam