It did not take long for reader Joanne Dickey to add to our Things to do in Texoma unbucket list. Good suggestions all, although I sort of wonder about the washeteria idea.

Here are her suggestions:

1. Pick a club of interest from newspaper write ups and attend the next meeting. Most are free.

2. Spend a winter night in a local hotel in order to swim or use hot tub.

3. Explore, look for a favorite tree in Texoma. Visit it or pay attention to it several times each season. Take photos of it; tell others why you like it so much.

4. Go to one of the many festivals in Texoma: Peanut — Whitesboro; Germanfest — Muenster; Founder’s Day — Howe; Main Street — Denison; Artsfest — Sherman, etc.

5. Try each eatery that’s described in weekly newspaper magazine.

6. Go to a high school play.

7. Try out that church that you’ve always wondered about.

8. Shop at Goodwill, Crisis Center thrift shop, Bargain Box, Crowded Closet, other thrift stores in Texoma.

9. Volunteer at food pantry, soup kitchen, clothes closet, school.

10. Explore, strolling up and down sidewalks, downtown of any of these small towns in Texoma.

11. Visit rest homes, VA hospitals — listen to stories, pen them, leave them with person you visited.

12. Observe a jury trial.

13. Politely shop for something, like a piece of furniture, you have no intention of buying, just for the experience and to have fun imagining what it would be like in your home.

14. Use a washeteria.

15. Go to open houses sponsored by Realtors, even though you have no intention of buying a home.

16. Go to estate sales to get an idea of how that person lived.

17. Drive through various neighborhoods and make your own choice for yard of the month.

18. Adopt someone’s headstone at a cemetery and put flowers on it seasonally. Maybe a veteran.

19. Tuesday night (random night) = date night = go grocery shopping.

20. Become actively involved in letter writing campaigns to senators, representatives, governor or elected officials who need to listen to their silent constituents.

More ideas? Pass them along:

Happy Birthday to David Overturf, Ron Aycock, Corrisa Henderson, and Caroline Winkels, all of Sherman; Karen Fugett of California; Julia McKinney of Denison; and Mary Lindanood of Sadler.