I have several people in my family whose birthdays fall at the end of December and beginning of January. Unfortunately, what I have observed is they are quite often forgotten. Amid the bustle of holiday shopping and happy holiday wishing, their special day falls to the wayside.

I myself am guilty of this, in a big way. Yes, one year I completely forgot my mother’s birthday. The one responsible for giving me life was gracious in her acceptance of my very belated birthday wish and profuse apology. She claimed she knew I was busy and wasn’t hurt at all.

But let me tell you, if my birthday was forgotten I would be devastated. I love my birthday. It is a day when I receive cards, phone calls and an outpouring of love from my friends and family. It feels good to be loved and appreciated.

Perhaps you haven’t completely forgotten your loved ones whose birthday lands around this time of year. For that, I commend you. Even so, here is a gentle reminder that those people probably don’t receive as many cards or phone calls. It wouldn’t hurt to go out of your way to make their day extra special because you may be the only one who remembers to do so.

Money is always tight around the holidays, birthday boys and girls understand this. It isn’t about gifts as much as it is about making them feel special. It is about reminding them that they matter and are appreciated. A handwritten note can convey even more than a store-bought card, and is much easier on the pocket book.

Let’s all go through our datebook or Facebook friends and find those people who are having a birthday this holiday season. Let’s take extra care to wish them well and tell them we love them. Happy Birthday from me to all of you.

Happy birthday Friday to Zach Hickman, Terry Cordell, Jackie Nugent and Carl Rhyne, all of Sherman and Danni Jaree Notter of Denison.

Happy anniversary Friday to Hagan and Denise Manning of Denison, 27 years and Joe and Darlene Lyles of Ivanhoe, 45 years.