With less than a week to go till Christmas, the holiday’s center piece is springing up everywhere. My family finally put our tree up over the weekend.

My niece came over and we decorated the tree. Now that she is almost 10, the decorating is a lot more about getting things on the tree than chasing her around trying to keep the ornaments from getting broken. She was even allowed to handle the super fragile one this year.

While considering our tree this year, I gave some thought to those dress form trees that are turning up on Pinterest and other places. I saw one at a local store and gave purchasing it some serious thought. I love dresses and I thought it would be a perfect marriage of our love of fashion and the holiday. So I stood there looking at the tree and thinking about the ornaments that would go on it. Then I looked up and saw that the tree is headless. That is to say, it is a dress form with a bodice and a tree where the skirt would be. But there is no head on the thing.

Nothing says Christmas quite like a headless woman?

I just can’t go for that. I thought and thought about what could go at the top of the thing to try to distract from the fact that it is basically a headless woman, but couldn’t cross that bridge with any of them.

So we went with the old reliable fake tree. Much to my deep despair, I realized when I got it down to put it out, I remembered that it wasn’t a pre-lit tree. So I had to string lights on it. I hope I make myself get out after Christmas and go by a pre-lit one for next year. There were years when I made stringing Christmas lights perfectly on the tree an art form, but I am over that now. Really, really, I am way over it. I got lights on the tree this year, but no one would say that they are artistically done. They are just there. And, no one seemed to mind or even notice.

Whether your tree is real, fake or a headless dress form, I hope you decorate it with the things that you love that remind you of the people and places that you love. I hope the tree makes your soul sing when you walk into the room and that you carry that tune with you through out the coming year.

Happy birthday Thursday to Robert Miller, Natasha Edmonson, Xavier Robinson, and Winkie Whitfield all of Sherman; Martha Chisum of Whitesboro; Judy Jones of Ravenna; and Sherry Sparks of Bonham.