As the Christmas season continues in North Texas, families are taking advantage of a local attraction to help them celebrate the season. Grayson County’s Head Elf, Jeff Schneider, who works as the county purchasing agent during the day, said recently that Holiday Lights at Loy Park has been a very popular attraction again this year.

He said the donations taken by volunteers at the end of the display continue to pour in and those donations are what keep the exhibit open.

The donations are used to pay for labor to put the displays up each year and take them down. They also pay to purchase new displays and repair older ones. Additionally, the donations pay the county’s light bills. No county money is used to support Grayson County Holiday Lights.

The donations are taken up by a wonderful group of volunteers who give of their time and Christmas cheer to greet every single vehicle that drives through the exhibit and talk with the people inside those vehicles. Sometimes, the volunteers even speak with the pets inside. Everyone, including the pets, then get offered a treat. The treats for humans are suckers and the treats for canines are biscuits. Those volunteers enjoy their jobs so much that they sign up again year after year, often making it a family or work place tradition.

The display is open from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. nightly now through Dec. 31, when weather allows.

This year there are three brand new displays joining the case of lighted characters and holiday signs. This year, those are a Feliz Navidad sign, an animated display that depicts a wrapping department and a snowball arch.

In addition to the new additions, all of the older displays have been refurbished to include LED lights. Schneider said that change took a bit of work to accomplish, but should save work in years to come as the LED lights are expected to last longer and need less bulb replacements. They also costs less to run, which should result in smaller electric bills in the future.

If you haven’t yet seen this year’s display, I encourage you to drive through soon.

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