The season of giving is upon us and so is the season of sharing. Here at the Herald Democrat, we like to help people who want to give find those who have a need to be filled. For that reason, we devote space on our front page from the end of November through the end of December to a feature we call “Wish Lists” in which area nonprofits tell the community a little about what the do and what they need.

In the past, several of the nonprofits over the years have found that big-ticket items found their way to them after being included in the wish lists. One area agency needed a truck and is still using it to this day. Another needed a freezer and got one. While most folks know that nonprofits generally need money and volunteers, the other little stuff tends to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the season. And as any head of a nonprofit knows, that little stuff can eat up a lot of the budget and procuring it take up a lot of time for volunteers.

The wish lists are intended to let the nonprofits talk directly to those who are looking to help out a local organization that is helping local people. For instance, if an agency needs some painting done, that need can be seen by area painters who might have some downtime over the holiday.

Even if the list isn’t filled by the end of the holiday season, getting it out in the public eye is likely to plant a seed that might grow into a needed item later in the new year.

Individuals wishing to help, but who are financially strapped, can fulfill the biggest need that most nonprofits have year round by volunteering.

Area nonprofits are encouraged to send us a paragraph or two about its mission and history along with its wish list. Also, they should include how they can be reached by those who wish to donate. That information can be sent to with Wish List in the subject line. Those who have questions can call me at 903-893-8181 ext. 1140.

Happy birthday Sunday to Perry Montgomery Jr. of Luella; Debbie Monroe of Bells; Charlotte Royal and Tona Dorsey, both of Sherman; Billy Garner of Tom Bean; Shirley Phillips of Denison; and Jodie Hedspeth.

Happy birthday Monday to Shearin Montgomery of Bells; Stone Shields of Tom Bean; and Jariah John, Margaret Weber, Ken Swick, Jimmy Lee Hall, Dennis Garland, and Vickie Knight, all of Sherman.