Now that the Thanksgiving turkey has been carved and all of those sides have been eaten, it is time to start thinking about something that used to be a passion of mine — Christmas cookies. For a few years, we even had a cookie exchange here at the Herald Democrat.

I haven’t done that much cookie making in the last few years and I feel like it is time to start up again. This time around, I will have a 10-year-old apprentice to help with the fun. So I am trying to decide if it is best to start with an easy cookie like chocolate chip or go for the grand dame of Christmas cookies, the decorated cutout?

I think we will try to make some bars first since those are generally fairly easy. Then we might work our way toward the cut outs. I don’t know if we will make it that far this Christmas. They may have to wait for Easter.

One thing is for sure, if I get anything wrong in the cookie department, my young apprentice will let me know. Recently we were talking about making some brownies and she announced to an entire room full of people that she wants to learn to make brownies quite unlike the last batch I made. Apparently they were too crispy at the corners and not done enough in the middle for her liking. I tried to explain that I was once quite the baker but I have gotten out of practice over the last few years. She was having none of that and said I had better start practicing then because no one would want those brownies for Christmas.

Out of the mouths of babes, so they say.

I hope whatever cooking all of you get up to this holiday season that it brings you closer to the people you are cooking with and for. No matter how the actual food turns out, it is the laughter and light that you share that ultimately feeds your souls more than your tummies.

And those are the types of things that can’t be replaced with a dinner out.

Happy birthday Wednesday to Jabrealon Dalton, Gayla Henderson, Dorothy Townsend, Olan Bullard and Colton Foster, all of Sherman; Joan Jaresh of Howe; and Betty Gressett of Tioga.