When is the right time to put on Christmas decorations?

That is the yearly quandary with which I struggle. But, inevitably, life gets in the way and I end up putting up decorations much later in the season than I would like.

This year, I went into Thanksgiving with plans to pull all of our Christmas decoration down out of the attic while everyone else was sleeping off their turkey dinners. Everyone actually did take a nap after our big meal, except for my infant son, so I had to watch him and he’s not quite ready to climb the ladder to the attic with me.

So then I figured, I could go up and get the decorations on the day after Thanksgiving, but, again, life had other ideas. We had major appliances go on the fritz suddenly, so we braved some Black Friday sales to purchase a new refrigerator.

That went pretty well, but it still took over two hours and wore all of us out, so I never got up into the attic.

I don’t think my wife and I have ever gotten our decorations up before December and it doesn’t look like this year is going to be an exception. I admire the people who hop to it and get them up immediately after Thanksgiving, but until my son is old enough to do the majority of the work, that likely isn’t going to happen in our house.

My current plan is to start the decorating this weekend. Sherman is holding it’s annual Snowflake Festival and Christmas parade this weekend, but the festivities don’t start until 2 p.m. this year, so the morning would be a good time for anyone else that hasn’t started to get a jump on decorating for the season.

Happy birthday Tuesday to Virginia Smith and George Dhane, both of Sherman; David Miller of Denison; James Alexander of Bonham; and Frances Akin of Sanger.