Last year I was having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit. This year, I just cannot wait to decorate for Christmas.

Around my house, the lights will be the same, the tree and the decorations will be the same, but I hope that the season brings something different. Every year, I take a trip to Loy Lake to see the holiday lights. I also like to spend an evening driving around town looking at how people have decorated their homes.

This year, I have a little princess that I will be taking with me.

Around the Fourth of July, I took my then six-month-old daughter, Lyndon, to see some fireworks, but she fell asleep and the explosions of light and sound did not wake her at all. I hope that her five months of growth will be enough to keep her awake as I attempt to show her new things this coming month.

Either way, Christmas this year will be a little more purposeful because I get to experience the day with someone who has never seen it before.

I was doing an interview about holiday celebrations when my sentiment was echoed by my source, Andy Faber as we talked about upcoming Hanukkah celebrations. He said when his children were younger, the holidays were bigger because children’s excitement travels to everyone around them. Now that his children are grown, he still celebrates with his wife but in a much simpler way.

I cannot wait to buy Lyndon’s gifts so that she can watch me open them on Christmas Day. I hope her big eyes light up as she gets to see family, eat new foods and see traditional Christmas decorations.

I hope this year is as good for Lyndon as it was for me when I was younger because while I can buy her presents on any day, I hope that she appreciates that I am doing it for Christmas Day.

Happy birthday Sunday to Jamie Lee Green of Denison.

Happy birthday Monday to Dawn Aloha Arrington of Gunter; John Corbett of Denison; and Jeff Barnes of Trenton.

Happy anniversary Monday to Glenn and June Whitaker of Van Alstyne, 74 years.